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Finally getting a little breathing room July 17, 2013

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I’m finally getting enough breathing room to get back to this.  Things have been going amazingly well.  And by that I mean literally ‘amazingly well’  Since I got back from my vacation in Atlanta a number of things have been changing, and it’s left me with much less online time then previously. 

I’d apologize to my gaming friends that haven’t seen much of me, if this weren’t a ‘good thing’.

There have been a few life changes and a few more coming.



So someone distracted me from cooking…. May 2, 2013

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I had grand plans for this evening.   Tune in to Subspace-Radio for DJ Kim Sharp’s show.  Cook, and kick back with a good book.  I’m re-reading Red Pine’s Collected Songs of Cold Mountain and really wanted to spend some quality time with it, a few fingers of cognac, and some good music.

I was going to cook.  I’ve been on an Indian cuisine kick and wanted to try out a Chicken Tandoori recipe a friend pointed me at.

But the unthinkable happened.  One of our DJ’s at EvE-Radio had some connection problems.  A gap had formed in the schedule and the jukebox was set to pick it up.

Well, we can’t have that happen, can we?

DJ Destiny usually does a hard rock show.  This is a bit outside of my comfort range since I haven’t kept up with that scene in for about two years.  I’m very focused on the various electronica subgenres for both my EvE-Radio show and my Subspace-Radio show.

Two hours later, and I’m eating pizza and still haven’t picked up my book.  From the reactions I got, there is now a demand for me to do yet another show, and do various derivations of rock and metal.  I doubt I can consistently pull this off.  My budget can’t support that wide of a branch in music every month.

Here’s how the show went down:

  • Lacuna Coil – A Current Obsession
  • Nightwish – Nightquest
  • After Forever – Equally Destructive
  • Iced Earth – The Phanton Opera Ghost
  • Metallica – The Call Of Ktulu (S & M)
  • Megadeth – Tornado Of Souls
  • Megadeth – Shadow Of Deth
  • Iron Maiden – Aces High
  • Black Sabbath – Children Of The Grave
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Perry Mason
  • Black Sabbath – God Is Dead?
  • Dio – Rainbow In The Dark
  • AC/DC – Hells Bells
  • AC/DC – Back In Black
  • Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod
  • Motley Crue – Shout At The Devil
  • Dokken – Mr. Scary
  • Slayer – South of Heaven
  • Van Halen – Jump
  • Faith No More – War Pigs
  • Rage Against the Machine – Sleep Now in the Fire
  • Snake River Conspiracy – Lovesong


It’s a little back and forth but I got bombarded with requests, apparently EvE-Radio needs more rock and metal DJ’s.  Most of the doubled artists are because of multiple requests, I bridged to Faith No More because I’d done enough Ozzy earlier and well, Faith No More is a technically brilliant group and their version of War Pigs is hands down my favorite rendition of that tune.

Snake River Conspiracy, well, Ms. Nova from EvE-Radio’s IRC channel desperately wanted me to play her a love song.  So I did.  One with teeth.  If you haven’t heard that particular cover of The Cure’s Lovesong, it’s well worth a listen.

~ Erroch

Subspace Radio set list 2013.05.01 May 1, 2013

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Set list for the Subspace-Radio show on May 1st.

I had planned out a good solid set of trance for this, but after talking with DJ Kim Sharp for a while before hand, I scraped the old school trance and went with Hard style tonight to start.   It wandered a bit afterwards but all in all was a fun great show.

  • Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down (Isaac Remix)
  • Kaskade, Neon Trees – Lessons In Love feat. Neon Trees (Headhunterz Remix)
  • DJ Stephanie – Groovin To The Beat (Original Mix)
  • Korsakoff – Boozed (original)
  • Energy Syndicate, F.O.I.D – Sandstorm (Original Mix)
  • Scope DJ – Spark of Life (Original Mix)
  • Girls Only – 22 (DRM Remix)
  • Porter Robinson – Spitfire
  • Zedd, Matthew Koma – Spectrum Feat. Matthew Koma (Album Version)
  • Mord Fustang – Lick The Rainbow (Original Mix)
  • Bingo Players – Mode  (Original Mix)
  • Wolfgang Gartner – The Way It Was (Extended Mix)
  • Pendulum – Set Me On Fire
  • Feed Me & Tasha Baxter – Strange Behaviour (Original Mix)
  • Feed Me – To the Stars (Original Mix)
  • Pendulum – The Fountain (feat Steven Wilson)
  • Wolfgang Gartner – There And Back (Original Mix)
  • deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42
  • Afrojack & R3Hab – Prutataaa (Original Mix) [Wall]
  • Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects Feat. Erik Hecht – Walking Alone (Original Mix)
  • Zedd – Stars Come Out (Original Mix)


As usually I’m on SSR at 00:00 GMT (07:00 PM US Central) every Wednesday night.

~ Erroch

Yeah, I apparently suck at updating this. May 1, 2013

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No, I’m not dead, I’m not even ill.


I’ve been heads down since December working on a rather awesome new project for work.  Can’t talk about it too much, but if it’s as successful as we hope, it’ll help streamline some stuff my son has to deal with education wise.  Most of my hobbies have fallen to the wayside through this, and I’ve hermitted pretty badly.

The good news?  We’re out of crunch time.  The product is showing to folks interested in buying it.  End of the month it’ll have been presented to over 10% of our potential national market.  It’s a little daunting but amazing. 

I’ve been working on a legacy project for almost a decade now.  While it’s still my baby more or less, taking this new product from the conceptual stages through development and into production has been rather a lot of fun, even if it’s caused more sleepless nights and anxiety attacks then I want to admit.

So now that I’m transitioning into support and maintenance mode for this, it’s time to look back to my life and sort out what to do with my spare time again.

Two definite things:  I’m never giving up the DJ gigs.  Both EvE-Radio and Sub-Space radio shows are going still going strong.  Both shows are evolving in slightly different directions which is a good and a bad thing.  Good because I get to expose people to a wider variety of music.  Bad, because of my pocketbook.  More tunes to buy each month.  I’ve had to up my allotment for music in the monthly budget.

Secondly, I’m delving back into the realm of live mixing and maybe producing.  Those that have known me for a long time, know I’ve had a history with music.  I haven’t scored anything since the late 90’s and haven’t done anything truly unique since the days of Scream tracker before mp3’s existed.

What gaming will happen?  There’ll be some.  I’m back on EvE-Online but without the furor I originally had, but the game keeps pulling me into it.  This whole living world that always takes turns I’m never entirely expecting.  The new content and interface for the Odyssey expansion brings this even more towards the ‘perfect space game’ for me.

Everything else is up in the air, entertainment wise.  Maybe I’ll get back into playing chess.

On a personal level, there’s a cub scout cook out for my son’s pack this weekend.  Sadly, they didn’t need anyone else to cook, but it’s always fun seeing all of this stuff from the parental side instead of from the scout side.

Expect more of these with less rambling and more focus.  At the least, I’ll get the set lists from the two radio shows.

~ Erroch

So I botched a contest on the Radio. November 19, 2012

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Well, looks like I have my first Blog fail.  This has been sitting in the “pending” queue instead of being published for almost a week.   Oops.  Edited to account for this not being last Wednesday.


I had my second show back on Subspace-Radio.  A bit of a smaller crowd this time, only about 40ish, but I can’t complain.   All went well, and had a grand turn out in game as well. 


So I’m back on air November 9, 2012

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One of the hardest things about recovering from major surgery is not being able to do a lot of the things that you’re used to.  For me the hardest one of these was not being able to walk and play with my dog.   The next item in the list was my online DJ gigs with Subspace-Radio and EvE-Radio.

This past week, I had my first show since last August.


Miso Salmon October 29, 2012

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This weekend I decided to branch out a bit with my culinary experiments.  I tend to avoid seafood because my plans, in reality, never seem to mesh with my expected plans.  With seafood, this can be disastrous due to spoilage.

That said, I love salmon.  I’ve been debating using it as an entry to making my own sushi, but getting sushi grade fish in this part of Mississippi is difficult at best. 

I’ve cooked salmon before but it was an utter failure.  Boring, dry, and unimaginative are all words that could be used to describe it.  That was years ago, and I’ve learned a lot since then, but it’s usually too pricy of food for me to haphazardly give it a shot again.


So people actually watch this? October 29, 2012

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So it seems that my old defunct blog has turned up on several people’s RSS subscriptions.   I guess I really ought to use this thing.  

I’d been debating setting up somewhere to store recently tried recipes anyway.


~ Erroch

WoW account, Battle.NET, and iPhone Authenticators May 5, 2009

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A friend of mine asked me where to go to merge his WoW account to Battle.Net account.  I figured I’d bite the bucket and do so myself.   The plan is to switch the account over, maintain the use of my authenticator and maybe add the iPhone based Battle.Net Authenticator. (AppStore)


Ramblings May 5, 2009

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I’ve been rather quiet as things have been overly hectic over in the physical side of the world.